Aug 30, 2011

Would you rather...?

This is such a fun activity to be used as an icebreaker or time-left activity. It works amazingly with medium to large groups of students and it usually very enjoyable for everybody. I would recommend it for teens in their 17-18 and up. I played it with my class of adults and we had a blast!

Level: Upper Intermediate/Advanced
Materials: None.
Target Vocabulary/Grammar: Any/I would rather... (It's a great and fun way to practice debate)
Prep time: A few minutes to prepare the questions.

The only purpose of the activity is to have students choose an option of the two you provide by answering a 'Would you rather...?' question. To make it more complex and if you think it's necessary have them explain why they chose that option. It is very important to think of questions that are creative and perhaps a bit controversial. In this way, it's likely that students will have different opinions and they'll get the chance to explain their point of view.

Some examples:
  • Would you rather go a year without your cell phone or without a computer?
  • Would you rather have a brilliant mind or a very hot body?
  • Would you rather win the lottery or find true love?
  • Would you rather be completely bald or completely hairy?
  • Would you rather go a year without salt or a year without sugar?
  • Would you rather dump someone or be the one who gets dumped?
  • Would you rather be very fat or very stupid?
I am sure there will be plenty of other interesting questions. These are my examples and the ones I used. I hope you come up with your own and have a great time. I'll be happy to hear your ideas!

Enjoy, XOXO.