Jun 15, 2011

Using the imagination

When working with intermediate to advanced levels, it's always useful to have in mind a list of imaginary situations that would work great as prompts for speaking. I find these really useful, since the same ol' activities tend to bore me easily.

Some ideas I'd like to share:
  • Imagine you are interviewing your favorite singer/actor. What 5 questions would you ask him/her? You may wanna consider his past work, his future plans, the effect of his career on his personal life, etc.
  • Imagine you are having a party next weekend. Explain how it would be. Remember to mention: place where it'd be, guests, entertainment, music, food and drink.
  • What would you change in school to make it more fun?
  • Imagine your parents gave you permission to redecorate your room. What would you change?
  • Imagine your best friend is having a huge party in his honor and you are asked to tell the story of how you both met. What would you say?
  • Imagine you won a trip for you and 2 more friends to any part of the world you choose. Where would you go and what would you do?
  • What could've made your weekend a perfect one?
  • If you were to become a singer, what style of music would you make? Who would you look up to? How would your life be different?
Any other ideas?

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