Apr 6, 2011

Game: Don't say yes, don't say no!

This is a particularly useful activity for those times when we have 10 or 15 minutes left in class and we've finished the lesson plan. Also it's a great way to review grammar, when we've been working with different tenses.

Level: Any.
Materials: None / A ball can be used for a fun variation.
Target Vocabulary/Grammar: Any/Correct identification of tense and correspondence of question and answer.
Prep time: None

Depending on the age of students, it sometimes takes a little time for them to get used to the dynamics of the game. This is basically a question/answer activity. Before the activity starts, make sure you tell your students that the only rule for this game is that they are not allowed to answer yes or no. Then ask random yes/no questions to the class, one student at the time. (You can point to the student to whom the question is directed or to make it more fun, throw a ball at him). Students need to answer the question using an affirmative or negative sentence that is coherent and provides the necessary information that was requested. You may need to provide some examples beforehand to make sure students understand the assignment thoroughly. Maybe you can write some questions on the board and make them ask you. Make sure you use fun questions to motivate students.

Do you eat ice cream for breakfast? Unfortunately, this is not heaven yet.
Are you wearing a wig? I have always had funny hair.
Have you ever been to the moon? Europe is as far as I've ever been.
Can you swim? I can swim like a fish.

Note: The more creative students are, the better the game works, since some of them can come up with really interesting answers.

I really hope you try this in class. Enjoy! XO

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