Apr 7, 2011

Game: Let me be your eyes

This is one of my favorite games because I've tried it with different groups and it's always interesting to see how the outcome depends not only on the good performance of students but also on how each mind works. Sometimes I use the same picture with 4 different groups and I never get the same result. A great way to practice speaking and having fun at the same time!

Level: Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate, Advanced.
Materials: Pictures of people doing different things (the highest the level of the group, the more detailed the pictures can be), a board or a piece of paper and a pencil (I recommend the board, since it's more fun).
Target Vocabulary/Grammar: Any/Detailed description of pictures using correct structures and vocabulary. 
Prep time: 20 min.

This activity works best with small groups of students, since it's easier to keep them focused on the game. From the crowd, you are going to choose and "artist" and tell him he'll be the one in charge to draw a picture according to the description that will be provided by the rest of the class. The artist will come to the board, his back to the rest of the class. You will show a picture to the class and ask students to describe it, one at a time. Prompt them to go from the general to the particular details, and to be as specific as possible:

This is a picture about a park. It's sunny. There are 5 trees on the right and a bush on the left. Next to the bush there is a girl jumping rope. She is wearing glasses and a dress. Her hair is long. She looks happy. Etc.

It's important to specify that students are not allowed to correct the artist when he's making a mistake. Also, the artist can't ask questions to check if he's doing good. Instead, tell him to ask for repetitions or more specific information. At the end of the game, the whole class gets to compare the pictures and the artist can finally see the picture he was supposed to reproduce. It will be fun to see how each student interprets the picture descriptions.

Enjoy! XO

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